Custom Size Envelopes

 If you don’t see your envelope offered, we can custom manufacture for you?

We have over 50 window sizes that can be placed in any reasonable location. Custom manufacturing quantities start at 2,500 envelopes, so keep that in mind.  Click here for a free custom quote.

Would a custom envelope made in the size I need be very expensive?

No, not really. However, quantity is always the driver of price. It is not very economical to have 500 envelopes custom made, however, they can be produced for as low as 2,500 envelopes.  Rule of thumb, the higher the quantity, the lower the unit price. Machines can eat a lot of envelopes, especially on a custom size. The longer the machine can run with a custom size the better it does, thus lowering the per unit price.

If you don’t find what you're looking for here, is it considered custom?

Many of the popular custom style envelopes offered are in-stock items, even specialty paper stocks, such as, Strathmore, Sierra Opaque, and other unique sizes found to be popular.  If you don't find your envelope listed here, it may still be a stock item but not listed.  E-mail us and we will be happy to let you know.  Our inventory is always growing.

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